BetterApp - Desktop App for Google Hangouts App Reviews

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App doesn’t work at all

This app touts itself as a standalone hangouts app. After spending $5, I opened the app and it just told me to download the mobile/chrome apps… which are free. Poor experience from a trash product.

does not work on my pc

Does not load on my pc Mac

Not the best

It has some bugs, but overall it works. I just wish I could get incoming calls on it. The chrome web app notifies me of incoming calls

Dont function as standalone app, too many bugs.

I use Hangouts app all day for work typically throught safari. I saw this app and thought it enable me close the browser. Nope, this doesn’t function as marketed.I could’nt get the notification, the pefromence is bad, slow and lagging when resize the window. Waste of money, I want my money back. Update: the new version still ask me to install plugin to enable video/phone call??, fix it.

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